BY THE WAY is a journey around the world, where diverse people are interviewed and filmed. I ask them about their identity, but most of the people tell their story about what really moves them: A poet talks about her skin color, a cheetah trainer about the extinction of beloved animals species, a librarian about the vast landscape in Namibia. It is about traveling, but more than this it is about what they want to tell me “by the way”. To support what they are talking about, I try to find some related facts and show them as inserts in the video.

The Aim

The aim of the project is to give an insight into other cultures and lifestyles. I hope it helps people to think outside the box and understand that most of the things are not as easy at they supposed to be. The peak of perfection would be if it could animate people to ask about the story of others rather then pigeonholing them.

The Journey

The origin of this journey starts in my homeland Austria, and continue around the world. The project began with a month in South Africa. Starting in August I will be traveling to these places:

Finland- India – Thailand – Cambodia – Indonesia – Australia – New Zealand – Hawaii – Canada – USA

The interviews

“By the way” which means “to give more information” is used to give the project a basic thought to talk about. Those who have something to say will be asked in front of the camera. Especially if people are really convinced in what they are doing, they are welcome to tell me about.